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Why businesses across Cornwall are choosing GyllyTech for their IT support

Anyone can do ‘IT Support’ but to be able to help a business succeed you need to be much more. We will take you on a journey, support you and your team every step of the way. Technology is amazing but it needs to be fit for purpose. If your tech isn’t set up proper it slows you down. Set your tech up the right way and you’ve got the foundations for success. 

Do any of these sound familiar?


When you’re in hospitality we understand every sale counts. You can not have downtime. Your tech cannot melt like the ice cream in the middle of August. 

Extended Hours and 24/7 cover is normal, we help you succeed when you need it the most. 

10% of all cyber-attacks on businesses targeted hospitality – Trustwave 2019.


Special categories of data held in your systems? Almost all financial services process very sensitive data. 

11% of all cyber-attacks on businesses targeted finance – Trustwave 2019.

Cyber-Security has to be taken seriously. There is no way to succeed in Finance without a comprehensive cyber-security package. 

We understand that your clients’ trust is as important in your line of work as it is ours. Would they trust you if you had the equivalent of a beach bum bag to protect their money and data? 


We know your business is like you carefully crafted sandcastle. It is your creation; you are proud of it. Can it succeed without the right tech? Can it survive a cyber-attack? 

60% of small businesses that suffer a cyber-attack are out of business within 6 months – WatchGuard.

Now consider 28% of all breaches are small businesses – Verizon.

Can you risk not having your IT-supported and protected? Just like the bully on the beach stamping on your sandcastle as a kid, don’t let the cybercriminals do the same your business. 


Ride the waves and surf the internet on your personal time. Safe in the knowledge your personal devices are protected from the sharks hiding in the depths. 

Professionally installed CCTV to protect your home. Advanced anti-virus solutions to cover all your devices in one payment.