That’s easy, we exist to help businesses succeed through the use of technology.


We hold ourselves to our 5 guiding principles 

  1. Be Honest – Always do the right thing 
  2. Keep it Simple – Always explain our solutions in terms people can understand as well as focus on the benefits to the business and its end users 
  3. Collaborate – Work with any third parties required to enable our clients’ success 
  4. Be Proactive – Don’t wait for something to happen, actively look for ways to improve or solve problems before they become a problem 
  5. Provide Choice – Always have options available for any given solution to any given problem 

Every choice we make every day comes back to why we exist and our guiding principles. If there is a choice to be made we ask ourselves “will it make this client succeed?” if the answer is no then we don’t do it. (It makes the decision process easy).


To tell our story properly we need to start at the beginning before GyllyTech was formed… in the beginning… 


Ian Mitchell

After more than 14 years working in IT for Cornwall Council (the majority of that time working as the sole engineer for the Cornwall Fire Service), Ian decided it was time to make the jump into the world of IT Support and started Gylly Computer Services.

Simon Caddy

After finishing studying Business and IT, Simon started a new role as Operations Manager of Kernow Message Handling Service (KMHS)


Drawing on his many years of flying solo in the Fire Service Ian quickly grew his client base. Juggling jobs and going (as he says every day) the extra mile. However, he was beginning to miss calls from clients when they called him direct

Working in the same office complex as Simon and Ian knew by sight but not by name. KMHS is a telephone answering service, they answer phone calls for businesses. When Ian decided he needed help answering his calls; he was pointed in Simon’s direction in his new role as Marketing and Accounts Manager. Ian was his first new client.


Gylly Computer Services was picking up pace, Ian needed full-time help. Time to take on his first engineer.

The director responsible for IT at KMHS was planning his retirement and Exit from the business. Simon was about to earn his tech stripes.


Gylly Computer Services was now a team of three offering a full range of IT support and project services. Most importantly for our story, server installation and configuration.

KMHS was going through a rebranding and refocusing phase, which would culminate in the formation of the Phoneta Group. In preparation for the planned rapid growth, the tech needed an upgrade. Simon asked three local providers for proposals, Gylly Computer Services were the winner.


Ian with his growing team, expanding client base and young family started to consider options for Gylly Computer Services’ next stage. Forming a partnership was one such option.

KMHS/Phoneta was growing, Simon was gaining knowledge and experience with the large network and team to look after. He could see gaps in the service offerings of other local IT and Telecoms providers, he put a proposal together to launch Phoneta Communications.


Ian was due a review of his message handling contract, Simon was asked to sit in as part of a hand over to the new sales team. Ian discussed his thoughts on the next steps for Gylly Computer Services unaware of Simon’s plans. The two had always worked well together, with both playing the role of customer and service provider to each other.


GyllyTech was born

After 18 months of working together the way forward was decided, time for a brand merge.