Time for a hardware refresh?

Save your time and energy sifting through the 100s of options and add-ons. Tell us what you want to achieve, we will enable your success. If you need; a new server, PCs, Laptops, Phones, VoIP, CCTV, Wi-Fi, Network Hardware, you name it we’ll source the best kit, install it, configure it and support it. 

It takes time to find the best kit for your business, you do it once in a blue moon. We do it every day, we know what works and what combinations work well together. Don’t buy twice, we make it easy for you. 

Cash is king, avoid unexpected outlays when hardware fails. All hardware can fail, in warranty or out of warranty, the difference is when it is in warranty you don’t have to get your wallet out. Our Hardware as a Service option means you don’t worry about big project costs; spread the costs, have up to date kit and have warrantied hardware. 

Time to move to the cloud?

If you’re ready and have everything you need to make the move we’ll get you up there. Don’t stress over your cloud migration, let us know your goals and we’ll get it done. When you plan it out and keep your team in the know; we make it easy, be it moving your servers or applications, your emails or your phones system. 

Cloud solutions save time and money, they make it easy for you and your team to talk and work anywhere, anytime. In our increasingly remote and connected world there has never been a better time to make the move. 

CCTV and security

Reducing your stress is a key to yours and your business’ success. View your offices, warehouses, hotels or bars from anywhere, on any device, at any time. Get alerted when there is movement when there shouldn’t be. Know where the movement and then view that area in full colour even at night. CCTV, Access Control, Intruder Alarm all working as one, sleep well, don’t stress

Data cabling and wi-fi

How do I connect all these devices together?

That depends on a few factors; 

  • What are you connecting?
  • How many are you connecting? 
  • How important is it they that stay connected? 

Copper cabling has different grades for different use cases; Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6A etc. Fibre Optic has even more options. Do it once and do it right with a 25-year manufacturer-backed warranty. 

Wi-Fi is a science and an art form. With so many different devices competing for air space it can be a challenge to get a reliable solution in place. Stop visitors and guests thinking “the Wi-Fi here is s**t”, Wi-Fi is seen as a basic essential now. If yours isn’t up to scratch, people will start to wonder what else isn’t up to scratch. 

Don’t lose business because of your internal cabling and Wi-Fi. Let us make it easy for you and enable your success.