Fully managed technology support

Why you need a fully managed technology solution 

Because you want to focus on what you’re great at. You want to succeed, you want your teams to smash their targets. You want to win

Servers, PCs, Laptop, Phones, VoIP, Mobile Phones, Tablets, Broadband, CCTV, Software, CRM, Microsoft 365, Cloud Services… sounds like a handful doesn’t it? 

How about when you add legal compliance, industry-specific compliance, disaster recovery planning, staff training, staff awareness, patch management (making sure all the 100s of updates are deployed on time), hardware replacement, hardware failure… still got room to carry it all alone? And do your job?

Now make it all work together ensuring it enables you and your team to succeed. That means your tech should: 

  • Make your life easier 
  • Work for you
  • Be cost effective
  • Not impact on productivity (windows is completing your updates… 18%… 19%…) 
  • Be stable and reliable
  • Sit in the background pushing you forward

Ad-hoc technology support

Think you can handle you day to day IT Support? Just need a hand when you get stuck? 

Our Ad-Hoc packages are for you. Call when you need some friendly help or advice. Low monthly subscriptions to gain access to our team when you need it without the worry of cost. 


Not sure what your business needs? Think tech can help but not sure who to speak to? 

We are better than Google 

We know as well as you do that you can learn almost anything you want from Google. When it comes to technology but there is a lot of misleading information out there. We live and breathe tech and every day we implement it for businesses just like yours. 

We will work with you. We use our outsiders’ eye to gain a full picture of the problems you want to solve. We do the leg work and find the solutions. We present you with your options and explain their benefits for you to make the right decision to enable your success


Where do I start? I’ve Anti-Virus that’s okay, all I need… isn’t it? 

Well, you start here, with us because the answer is no. Anti-Virus is just a small piece in your Cyber defence force. Just like our nations coastal defences, your Cyber defences need a multi-layered approach. Your business needs it’s own; sea walls, groynes, rock armour, gabions and breakwaters. 

75% of business owners were not confident they had the skills in house to fight cybercriminals. A survey carried out by Watchguard and SC Media UK You are not alone most businesses openly admit they don’t know enough in house. 

Time and Budget were joint top as barriers to making improvements. Cyber Security doesn’t have to cost the earth.

That said can you afford not to invest? 60% of businesses that suffer an attack never recover. Time shouldn’t be a barrier, you can’t find more hours in the day… but we have the time you need. 

Is the threat real? We’ll let the numbers do the talking 

228,745 attacks are blocked by Watchguard every day that’s 159 every minute 

Of the malicious software stopped a massive 65% are new, zero-day attacks. This means traditional Anti-Virus software won’t stop it. 

Telephony and connectivity

Phone calls are such an important part of business and personal life. They are made increasingly via the internet but the principle is the same. Phones should just work, be that; physical phones or softphones (apps on PC or Mobile). The features, bells and whistles should come as standard, they are what enable your success

Even more important than phones, connectivity. Connectivity is the term we use to cover all the ways to connect you to the world. Available broadband options; 

  • Traditional Copper
  • Fibre to the Cabinet 
  • Fibre to the Premise
  • Unlimited Business Grade 4G
  • Multi-Network 4G
  • Satellite
  • Lease Line (If you want the most reliable and most secure, you want this one)

Avoid downtime and lost revenue with a blend of connectivity. One is not enough, can your teamwork without a broadband connection? What would it cost you to have no broadband for 24 hours… or longer? Enable your success even when the broadband goes down (because it will at some point, for some reason).